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Orders and messages are checking several times a day and processing.

  1. This transaction is performed by the operator in manual mode.
  2. Payment of Bitcoin is considered complete when it was received from 3 to 6 confirmation of the transaction in the systеm.
  3. The exact number of confirmations can be seen during creation of the order.
  4. Receiving amount will be changed to the lower side if the price of BTC changes.
  5. The amount is recalculated automatically, every 30 minutes.
  6. If your PayPal account is not eligible to accept payments, 10% + 0.001 BTC fee will be hold during refund.
  7. Do not use newly registered accounts, in most cases you cannot accept incoming payments.
  8. PayPal charges a fee for an incoming payment. Specify commission percentage of your account in advance.
  9. Rate is calculated towards Blockchain
  10. To the same account can be ordered 1 transfer per day.
Exchange rate: 1 BTC = 43744.883 USD

min.: 0.0022 BTC, max.: 0.0146 BTC

max.: 0.0146 BTC

min.: 100 USD, max.: 642.4071 USD

max.: 642.4071 USD
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Exchange BitCoin BTC to PayPal USD

For exchange you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Fill in all the fields of the form submitted. Click «Exchange».
  2. Read the terms of the agreement on exchange services, when accepting it, please tick the appropriate field and press the button «Create bid».
  3. Pay for the bid. To do this, transfer the necessary amount, following the instructions on our website.
  4. After this is done, the systеm will redirect you to the «Bid status» page, where the status of your transferwill be shown.

Note: this operation will require the participation of the operator. The application process takes about 20 minutes.

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